We would like to thank the following companies, groups, and people for donating materials, money or time to make our events a success.

Johnny on the Spot - Thanks for helping us take care of business!

Cheesequake Farms - For their generous support of our scarecrow building.

Funkins - The premier artificial carvable pumpkins—FUNKINS—are the most realistic looking artificial pumpkins, carvable or non-carvable. Carving FUNKINS is just like carving pumpkins! But FUNKINS are not messy, and your carvings last forever!

Halloween Express - 512 Rt 18, East Brunswick, NJ.  732-257-6005.  Thanks for your generous donations of wall decorations, glass grippers and coupons to give out.

Spirit Halloween Store
- Frames for monsters, flying bats, skulls and more.  Thanks to Spirit for generously donating items for our woods.  Spirit is one of the best Halloween superstores around.

Home Depot - Our local home depot graciously offered a donation towards some of the building supplies needed.

Cub Pack 67, Boy Scout Troop 167 and the girls from Girl Scout Troop 1293 - The backbone of the woods... these boys and girls spend their days off from school for weeks prior to the event raking, hanging up decorations, painting, building and coming up with new ideas.  Then the night of the haunts they lurk in the woods waiting for those unsuspecting guests. Cold, rainy, windy... they are there.

George - Our resident "Clown Master".  Here everynight the woods is open and makes some delicious shrimp as well.

Dave - Our scarecrow with brains!  Thanks for all your help and ideas!

More thanks to the many people coming soon....